Jenny`s Vision Project

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Øivind Kristian Stavik: Music, Keyboards, Sound Engineer
Kai Peter Schellhase: Bass
Vocals and lyrics by: Keeley

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All music is recorded in Reason 6.5
For each track I used Waves plugins for mixing.
The overall Mastering Chain is:

- Vitamin
- J37 ( To get that round bottom and clear highs ) This plugin amazed me.
- API-2500
- C6 Multiband Compressor
- L316 Multiband Stereo Limiter.

Jenny`s Vision Project

This is a song about the netflix series: “Lilyhammer”. The main character in this song is “Johnny” the mafia boss.

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Piano Ballad performed by Jenny`s Vision Project.

Øivind Kristian Stavik: Music and Lyrics

This song is about that one day the angels will open it`s doors for us, and on the way to that gate, we are going on a path of gold.

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